Tesla Plans to Build Electric Car Charging Stations across Nation

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Electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors Inc. has announced plans to build a network of high speed electric car charging stations across the United States, making it possible to travel cross-country by electric car. Currently, Tesla runs 8 electric car charging stations across the United States, and plans to triple that number by the end of this month, with plans to reach 100 stations within the year.

While there are many benefits to electric cars, one of the greatest drawbacks that many cite to these vehicles is the relative lack of time a car can go without a charge. With an increased number of quick-charging stations, individuals now might be able to take their electric vehicles on trips across the US and even into Canada.

Another critique of these vehicles is the price tag on new models. Fortunately, with considerable growth in the electric car market, more and more used electric cars are becoming available. If you are looking for an electric, hybrid, or other eco-friendly used vehicle, check out the incredible selection of vehicles available at Chapman Motor Sales. You can check out our impressive selection of vehicles online, or stop by any of our Austin-area dealerships and let us help you find the right car at the right price.

Sales Milestone Likely for Plug-In Vehicles This Weekend

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Sometime this weekend, plug-in cars are likely to hit a major milestone in sales — the sale of the 100,000th plug-in. While advocates for these vehicles tout this achievement as a sign of the increasing popularity of this environmentally-friendly transportation option, others say that these numbers are not as positive as some would have you believe.

For example, an article inĀ USA Today points out that these sales figures account for all the plug-in vehicles sold in the past three years, and that this figure is the same as the number of Ford Fusions sold in the U.S. in just the first four months of this year, which was the 6th most popular car model in the U.S.

Many believe that some of the hesitations regarding the adoption of these vehicles are the high sticker price as well as the limited distance that these vehicles can drive. However, if you are interested in getting a great, eco-friendly car at an affordable price, consider the benefits of buying used. At Chapman Motor Sales, we have a wide variety of environmentally friendly vehicles at competitive prices, and can help you find a great car without breaking the bank. To learn more, stop by one of our Austin-area dealerships, or check out our inventory, listed online.

President Proposes Research into Petroleum-Free Vehicles

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In his State of the Union address last night, President Barack Obama proposed creating an Energy Security Trust funded by diverted oil revenues to conduct research into creating cars that are free from petroleum-based power.

Currently, there are a number of vehicle options that do not depend on gas for power. These options include cars powered by electricity, such as the new all-electric vehicles from Tesla Motors, and also cars that run off hydrogen fuel cells. Several different auto makers have shown renewed interest in hydrogen as an alternative fuel source in recent months, with several announcing plans to have a hydrogen-powered vehicle available for sale in the next 2-3 years.

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Studies Show that Used Electric Cars Holding their Resale Value

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Two different pricing reports have found that used electric cars are holding their resale value better than many had initially thought. The popular 2012 fully-electric Nissan Leaf is expected to have a re-sell price that is 20% of its original listing price after five years — a percentage comparable to the 30% value that conventional, non-electric vehicles are expected to retain. Additionally, these estimates are only expected to rise for newer electric vehicles.

Many have been skeptical about the long-term resale value of electric and hybrid cars primarily because of concerns regarding the expensive batteries in these vehicles. However, with extended warranties and advancements in these batteries, these fears have been largely alleviated and resale prices are holding steady.

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Plug-In Electric Car Sales Triple in 2012

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As 2012 draws to a close, makers of plug-in electric cars, including both hybrids and battery electric cars, report that sales of these vehicles have tripled in model year 2012 over last year.

The new Chevy Volt plug-in electric car has seen incredible sales in 2012, outselling many conventional vehicles, and even conventional hybrid vehicles saw their sales increase by as much as 50% in 2012 according to some studies. In fact, just in the last part of this year, electric car sales remained impressively strong, reaching record levels for the fourth month in a row in November.

As cited in a recent article in Forbes, there were approximately 7,600 electric cars sold in the month of November alone, bringing total electric car sales for the year (to date) to 47,500.

Electric cars, both hybrid and battery electric, have gained considerable popularity in recent years as wider production of these vehicles has helped to bring their prices down and auto manufacturers are investing considerable resources and research into making these vehicles among the best on the market. Whether interested in their incredible fuel economy or their environmental benefits, people have started migrating towards purchasing electric cars for a variety of reasons.

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